Aluminum Alloy Liner Plastic Composite Pipe Green Environmental Protection Type Utility Pipe.

- Jan 20, 2018-

The composite pipe of aluminum alloy liner adopts modern environmental protection of prestressed pipe material, and combines metal and plastic materials. The inner liner is the food-grade pp-r/pe-rt/pb/ PE thermoplastic inorganic polymer data pipeline, which has no chemical reaction with the chemical substances in which the ion warfare in water is likely to be in contact with. For example, only carbon and hydrogen are the only elements of pp-r raw materials. There are no other harmful elements, which are non-toxic, corrosion resistant and non-scale, which belong to green environmental protection products.

As the leader of the aluminum alloy liner composite duct system, jinan jiantong management co., LTD. Is in charge of the period of all-round high tech skills, leading to the green future pipeline system. For 50 years, the aluminum alloy composite pipe has been used to solve the whole title of the water supply pipeline system and the view is completely new.

The fluid permeability is 0, non-toxic antibacterial, anti-chemical purifying, anti-ultraviolet resistance oxygen, no scaling, and the frictional resistance coefficient is only 0.007. Aluminum alloy lining plastic pipe internal satiny fluently, have extremely strong resistance to chemical corrosion resistance, stability has excellent mechanical performance excellent electrical insulation, good adhesion, heat resistance, fireproof, heat dissipation function, have the dual advantages of aluminum tube zen plastic pipe at the same time. The wall thickness of the aluminum alloy tube is 0.6-1.8 (mm), which is the example of the heavy rigid pipe, and the fusion of hot melt is not sticky. Is in the process of production, processing and application didn't gain any stabilizer of a class of heavy metals such as lead class, without showing harmful ingredients and delete model agent, no mildew will happen war breeds microbes, the clean health, both will form to the human body and case no purification. Is not practical to drink purified water system, liquid beverage walking system, the liquid medicament walks system such as borrow can be used in the construction of main body, sit GuanHeMing closed down the tube, especially suitable for high-level, high-rise building.

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