Application Of White PPR Pipe Of Drinking Water Pipe

- Oct 19, 2017-

1, non-toxic, sanitary. PP-R raw material is polyolefin, which has only carbon and hydrogen elements, non-toxic, sanitary, reliable performance. PP-R in raw material production, product processing, use and waste of the whole process will not adversely affect the human body and the environment, known as green building materials. The product can be used not only for the hot and cold water system, but also for the purified drinking water system.

2, heat preservation. The highest service temperature is 95 degrees, and the long-term use temperature is 75 degrees, which can meet the use of hot water system stipulated in the building water supply and drainage design specification. Due to the thermal conductivity of the product is 0.21W/m degrees, only 1/200 of the thermal conductivity of the steel pipe, so it has better thermal insulation performance, used in hot water and heating system, can save a lot of energy.

3, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, not scaling. The use of PP-R pipe and fittings can avoid pipe fouling and clogging, and worry about macular rust in bathtub. The inner and outer walls are uniform and smooth, the flow resistance is small, the color is soft, and the appearance is beautiful.

4. Anti freezing crack. The excellent elasticity of PP-R makes the cross section of the tube expand with the liquid of frost heaving, so as to absorb the volume of the frost heaving liquid without expanding the crack.

5, light weight, high strength. The proportion of PP-R pipes and fittings is only 1/8 of that of ordinary metal tubes, and the strength of the pressure test is up to 5MPa (50kg/cm2), and the toughness is good and the impact resistance is high.

6 、 easy to install and reliable. The hot melt connection of PP-R pipe and pipe fittings can be completed in a few seconds or tens of seconds by special tools. The strength of the connecting parts of the pipes and fittings connected by hot melt is greater than the strength of the pipe itself. This unique PP-R pipe hot melt connection is solvent adhesive, elastic sealing bearing and other mechanical connection mode of low cost, high speed, simple operation, safe and reliable, especially for installations buried concealed, without regard to whether the leakage of connection in the process of long-term use. It is safe and reliable to connect with metal pipe and water appliance and adopt high quality copper insert.

7, long service life: pipeline system under normal service life of 50-100 years.