Can PVC-U Glue Only Stick To PVC Pipes?

- Jan 30, 2021-

Can PVC-U glue only stick to PVC pipes?

The construction of the PVC drainage system is a socket installation, and a special glue is needed during installation. Some consumers think that PVC-U glue can only stick to PVC drainage pipes. In fact, this glue can also stick to PPR pipes and PE pipes. , PERT pipes and other plastic pipe products. Of course, under normal construction conditions, PPR pipes, PE pipes, and PERT pipes should be welded by hot melt or electrofusion. Adhesives are only occasionally used in the production process. For example, PPR steady-state pipes are composed of PPR layer and aluminum layer. Five-layer co-extruded pipe composed of glue layer.

Let's take a look at its usage after the role of PVC-U glue:

1. Use sandpaper to rough and clean the parts that need to be bonded;

2. After evenly spreading the adhesive on the bonding part, immediately insert and stabilize it for a while. Do not move the bonded part within 15 minutes, and the water pressure test can only be performed after 24 hours;

3. The best gap of the bonding part is: 0.2-0.4mm;

4. Open flames are strictly prohibited at the construction site, and attention should be paid to ventilation;