Describe The Requirements Of Installation Specification Of PPR Pipe Fitting.

- Apr 28, 2018-

The pipe fittings of PPR pipe fittings are playing an important role in our life, which is convenient for our own water problem.

The connection place of PPR pipe fittings are generally choose hot melt method to join, the rules of the cooling time, just good weld joint is adjustable, can be a small amount of rotation, but after the cooling time, is to stop forced correction. The pipe material and pipe fittings should not be inclined, so as to be horizontal and vertical, avoid the point of view at the head of the device, and can not be normal equipment. When using PPR pipe with metal thread, the white raw material is required to be strong and tight to avoid leaking from the thread. In order to avoid damage to the pipe and reduce the number of water pipes, you should use a professional tube card to fix it.

In the process of transporting pipes, it is necessary to take care not to let external forces cause damage to pipe material. It is not easy to construct in the coldest time of winter. The temperature is too low, and the PPR pipe is simply damaged.