Excellent Performance Of PB Pipe Fittings.

- Jan 31, 2018-

PB pipe fitting believe many people know, in the process of using, can well meet the using demand of the people, but in the process of using, it can show the excellent properties of how? Today, I introduce my knowledge to you.

Speaking of its excellent performance, at the time of use, if it is to use it in the winter, so it can have the effect of antifreeze, scale, and in a wide range of plate, it is one of the most outstanding products, use for a long period of time, is also not what damage problem, followed by its service life is long, can be 50 years, but I go coefficient is 1.5, and little hydraulic loss. This is because of its characteristics, so the majority of users like it.

In addition, it also has good heat resistance strength this product, so in terms of pipe wall thickness, PB pipe fitting in all plastic pipe, can have the minimum wall thickness, and shall not affect the safety and reliability.