HDPE Advantages Of Water Supply Pipelines

- Sep 08, 2017-

1, non-toxic and sanitary: the pipeline material is non-toxic and tasteless. After strict sanitary inspection, it is a green building material, and will never scale. It can effectively improve the water quality of the pipe network.

2, corrosion: inert material, can withstand a variety of chemical erosion medium.

3 、 no leakage: the water supply pipe is heated by electric melting, and the interface strength is higher than the pipe body.

4, high toughness: water supply pipeline elongation at break generally more than 500%, the pipe foundation uneven settlement of the adaptability is very strong, good seismic performance.

5. Excellent resistance to rapid crack growth (RCP).

6 、 excellent flexibility and scratch resistance.

7 、 strong wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, small flow resistance and strong conveying capacity.

8, a variety of trenchless methods can be adopted, greatly facilitating the construction and installation.

9, the system cost is low, maintenance costs are low, which can greatly reduce the project cost.

10, long service life: buried water supply pipe for more than fifty years of normal use.

11, HDPE water supply pipeline material recycling and reuse, fully in line with the state advocated the concept of efficient environmental protection.

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