HDPE Pipe Characteristics

- Aug 30, 2017-

PE pipe production and application of polyethylene material, adding antioxidants and ultraviolet light absorption component, by extrusion molding. The tube produced by the process shows good compressive performance, wide range of working temperature, and bears the characteristics of subzero twenty degrees low temperature and forty degree high temperature on zero. At the same time, the tube reflects the long service life and has high quality performance. Under normal circumstances, the service life is as long as fifty years. The pipe does not add heavy metals, so the toxicity is low, and not easy to scale or the breeding of bacteria in the long-term humid environment, it can be widely used for the laying of water supply pipeline construction, and is suitable for underground construction.

Beside,the properties of the pipe determine its low weight, good corrosion resistance, low specific gravity and good strength.When the pipeline pressure with the diameter of the standard uniform conditions, its weight per unit length of pipe is only for carbon steel material 1/5, can provide convenience for long distance transportation and construction handling, and less investment funds.