Home-installed Hydropower Installation Recommended Using That Kind Of Color PPR Water Pipe?

- Jun 25, 2018-

Home-installed hydropower installation recommended using that kind of color PPR water pipe?

When purchasing PPR pipes in the building materials market, we often see PPR pipes of various colors. Moreover, the prices of PPR pipes of different colors under different brands vary greatly, making consumers dazzled and wondering what colors PPR pipes should choose.

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Common PPR pipes on the market are white, gray, green, blue, yellow, two-color, three-color and other colors of PPR pipes. So, what color is PPR pipe? Home-installed hydropower installation recommended using that kind of color PPR water pipe?

 For a pure PPR pipe, as long as it is not a functional PPR pipe, there is no difference in the quality of PPR pipes of the same brand with different colors. It is just to add different masterbatch when producing the pipe. Note: The functional PPR pipe mentioned here. Specifically refers to the antibacterial tube series.

Many manufacturers have claimed that their brand's color PPR water pipe function is strong, even indicating that their PPR pipes are upgraded products, antifreeze, anti-fall, impact resistance, health and safety, it is invincible water pipes, which also can not understand under the flicker Anyone who understands knows that the physical properties of polypropylene random copolymer (PP-R) materials have large linear expansion coefficients, excellent creep properties, and low-temperature brittleness, making it easy to produce bumps at low temperatures from the inside out. Cracking, so those who claim that their own PPR pipe can be frost-resistant, anti-fall, impact resistance is certainly not a pure PPR pipe, only the pure PPR pipe under the conditions of the corresponding pressure levels can be used up to 50 years, add other materials PPR Water pipes, on the one hand, cannot determine whether their materials are safe and hygienic. On the other hand, they cannot guarantee their service life.

So, what kind of PPR water pipe is recommended for home-installed hydropower installation? The purchase of water pipes, of course, is assured with pure PPR pipes. After all, it is related to the family's drinking water safety problems. Many pipe distributors recommend consumers to buy colored water pipes as the main product of home-installed water pipes, which is beautiful and practical. PPR pipe, it is recommended to choose the white PPR pipe, we must know that there are always very few willing to smoke the manufacturers will use the recycled material to produce PPR pipe, by adding color masterbatch to cover the defects caused by impure raw materials, of course, there are improper manufacturers of PPR The addition of chemical brighteners to the water pipes, the poorly colored PPR water pipes that are white in color, are generally distinguishable by the naked eye. The high-quality pure PPR water pipe is like the white butterfly brand PPR water pipe. The pipe body logo is clear, the inner and outer walls are silky smooth without any visible impurities, and there are no peculiar smells. The incision is fine and has no chipping.