How Does PPR Pipe Fitting Process?

- Jan 09, 2018-

In the application of PPR pipe fittings, there are many places where installation is required, and the following PPR pipe fittings manufacturer will introduce the knowledge about piping installation:

When the pipe is embedded in the wall and buried directly, it is appropriate to reserve grooves in the wall. The surface of the groove must be flat, and there should be no sharp corners and other protrusions. When the pipe is buried directly in the floor of the floor, the reserved pipe depth should not be less than the De+5mm, and it should be thickened when the depth is not reached. Also note that when the PPR pipe fitting is installed, there shall be no axial distortion, no forced correction when wearing a wall or a floor board. If it is directly buried in the floor of the floor, and the pipe in the wall tube groove, the acceptance record of test pressure and concealed work should be done before sealing.

The knowledge of the laying of PPR pipe fittings is of vital importance to the smooth use of PPR pipe fittings, and it is hoped that it can be helpful to you.