How The Pb Tube Conducts The Water Pressure Experiment.

- Jan 18, 2018-

First of all, we should know that the water pressure test time of pb tube should be carried out after the connection of the hot melt pipe 24 hours. How should the pressure test be conducted?

When the pipe has been installed, before it is sealed, pay attention to piping the pipe out of the water. If possible, place the pressure pump at the lowest point of the system. Then, when the pb tube is filled with water and the air bubbles in the system, the experiment can begin. Which is important to note that the working pressure of 1.5 times the test pressure shall be possible, not less than 0.6 Mpa, and tested twice in 30 minutes, the time interval for 10 minutes, we can not ignore any details.

If no leakage is found in the above steps, after 30 minutes, check whether the pressure drops above 0.05Mpa and check for visible leakage points.