How To Choose The Water Pipe Of PPR Pipe Manufacturer?

- Dec 23, 2018-

How to choose a water pipe

First, the water quality is good, the key is to look at the pipeline', the traditional galvanized pipe is easy to rust, easy to corrode, easy to scale, simply breed microorganisms, secondary pollution, to be healthy. Today, domestic drinking water pipelines mainly include ppr tubes and aluminum-plastic tubes, but due to the simple doping of plastics,

It is difficult to distinguish between purchases.

PPR pipe manufacturer

     1. Appearance: The surface of the high-quality pipe is lubricated, the logo is complete, and the brand also has the brand name. Since the quality pipe uses 100% imported PPR original data, the residual pipe only uses the local PPR original data, and the two have great differences in function.

     2. Tolerance: Good quality PPR tube has good resistance and can be easily bent into one circle without cracking, while the residual tube is brittle and breaks once.

     3. Thermal expansion and contraction: A good water pipe can still adhere to hardness at high water temperature, while a residual pipe is softened at 60 degrees water temperature.

     4. Service life: The quality of the product is guaranteed for 50 years, and the defective product can only be 5-6 years.

Aluminum-plastic composite pipe

     1. Appearance: Excellent quality aluminum-plastic composite pipe, ordinary outer wall lubrication, clear mark on the pipe wall, such as trademark, standard, applicable temperature, meter number, etc. The manufacturer also prints the production number on the pipe wall to monitor the quality of the product at any time. The product packaging is exquisite, various on the packaging

The logo is the same clear, and the manufacturer's title, address, telephone number, etc. are printed on the prominent position. The common outer wall of the fake and inferior products is rough, the label is unclear or incomplete, the packaging is simple, the site or the telephone is unknown.

     2. Aluminum layer: A good aluminum-plastic composite pipe has welding at the lap joint of the aluminum layer, and the aluminum layer and the plastic layer are closely connected without a layered appearance. However, some of the fake and inferior products are not welded at the lap joint, and some aluminum layers and plastic layers are often layered and not tight.

Second, water pipe construction

The product quality is not equal to the quality of the project. If the device is not in place, the stability factor of the product will be greatly reduced. The ordinary household water pipes are mostly buried, and if they are accidentally, they will be transplanted and picked up, and the consumers will have to pay more attention.

    1. Please be on the right track installation, according to the construction standards, try to be horizontal and vertical.

    2. Strictly close the data, and check each process one by one to prevent cut corners.

    3. Pressure test experiments should not save effort, test water does not test pressure, leaving a risk of water leakage.

Third, the water pipe after-sales service

     The PPR pipe brand dare to issue a written product service promise, from a side to see the quality and promise of a product. Consumers can't plan cheap, purchase water pipes without written promises, and ordinary brand pipes have perfect after-sales service. The warranty books have 50 years of quality guarantee.

Also look at the clarity is not a double warranty. If it is only for 50 years, it may only be produced. This is a brief wit when there is a problem. Only 50 years of product quality + construction quality promises, so that consumers can buy the center, buy the right, use the satisfaction. Just

Everyone can take the right procurement route and buy the water pipes of Rong Defu, the use, and the center of mind.