How To Distinguish The PPR Pipe Is Good?

- Aug 16, 2017-

1.Appearance:We have green and white ppr pipe, but many people think that white is the best, in fact it is not the case, has no relationship with color tube. PPR tubing is completely opaque and is excellent, with slight light or semi transparent at a slightly lower temperature. And also to see whether there are bubbles, depressions, grooves and impurities and other defects.

2.Touch:Texture, high-quality PPR pipe pure texture, without any additional materials, surface smooth, feel good; if the rough feel, it may be impurities in the material, this pipe maybe is not very good.

3.Smell:Smell, main material is polypropylene PPR pipe, so that pipe is odorless, slightly difference will have a taste, this is because of the admixture of polyethylene.

4.Pinch: hardness, if a PPR tube can easily pinch deformation, this is certainly not pure PPR tube, because the good PPR tube is a certain hardness.

5.Quantity: wall thickness, if the conditions permit, you can use vernier caliper to measure the wall thickness is uniform and standard, but to use this method, we must first understand the PPR tube of the national standard is how much.

6.To listen: sound, a PPR tube for free fall movement, landing sound is relatively boring is good PPR tube, if the sound is relatively clear, it is the poor PPR tube.

7.Hit: elasticity, here is not to say that the smashing, smashing rotten pipe is a good pipe, here to see that the elasticity, resilience and good quality is PPR, but the temperature is less than 10 degrees with this method, the good pipe will smash.

8.Burning:the smell of smoke is burning, it can cut out a short pipe and burning, if after the combustion of black smoke and pungent odor, is inferior to PPR pipe, PPR pipe quality, there will be no black smoke and burning smell, the melting of the liquid is also very clean.

9.Melting: welding PPR pipe, the normal welding temperature is between 260 and 290 degrees, to see if the tube internal diameter deformation, pipe fittings whether drawing, high-quality PPR tube is not drawing, the inner diameter is not easy to deformation.

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