How To Distinguish The Quality Of Black HDPE Water Pipe?

- Sep 12, 2017-

Plastic pipe, Black HDPE Water Pipe is a kind of material in our production and life is often used, whether in agriculture is still in the industry have played a very important effect in our choice of these materials will certainly kink in time what kind of material is the high quality of the pipe, how can choose to be the heart of the heart tube, choose the quality of plastic pipe selection is actually given to us to buy winter clothes not much difference, we through following four aspects to carry out selection of plastic pipe.

First of all, we use the naked eye to Black HDPE Water Pipe surface finish, as well as whiteness.

First, take samples fall, easy to break normal high calcium products, and to meet your requirements at the appropriate is possible.

Second, take samples on the pipe with my side, with whether to split, the elongation at break or split after.

Third, Hou Hou quite hemp complex. The most straightforward method is to get high temperature and light in place for a few days, the surface change rate, but too extravagant.