How To Distinguish The Quality Of PB Pipe Fittings?

- Jan 31, 2018-

PB pipe fittings are not easy to be extruded and deformed, even if deformation is not broken, and can greatly reduce the use of joints, but we should distinguish the quality of it when we buy.

First observation of PB pipe tube both gloss, pipe fittings and sunshine can be parallel, observe whether pipe is defective, and so on and so forth, this major is to know the pipe raw material is pure, have to add some recycled material in it. And the chemical molecular structure in the petabyte tube piece is mainly carbon and hydrogen, which will not smell after combustion. So we can cut a small piece of pipe and burn it, and see if it produces some peculiar smell. Also try to touch the viscous condition of the petabyte pipe fitting after burning, and whether there is any oil.

For the resettlement of piping can't weight, knock, needed to cover parts of vulnerable to external forces surrounded, especially without floor closed conduit well feed pipe, cover works should have done more.