How To Prevent Longitudinal Expansion And Contraction Of PE Pipe Fittings

- May 28, 2019-

The thermal expansion and contraction of PE pipe fittings during construction in winter or summer can easily damage PE pipe fittings, so it is necessary to prevent longitudinal expansion and contraction of PE pipe fittings.

The PE pipe fittings shall be serpentinely laid in the pipe ditch, with a slight curvature, leaving a telescopic allowance, and when installing the PE pipe, as far as possible, no retractor or double-disc short pipe is used instead of the retractor. When PE pipe fittings and piers are made, the two sides should be completed by one-time concrete pouring. The underlying foundation of the PE pipe fittings must be a fine sand cushion and not less than 100 mm. After the PE pipe fittings are installed, the backfilling work on both sides and the top of the pipe 500mm must be backfilled and compacted, and the backfill compaction coefficient is not less than 95%.

When PE pipe fittings are installed in hot weather, they should be constructed as far as possible from 8:00 in the morning to 8:00 in the morning. The atmospheric temperature is low, the pipe is properly shrunk, the backfilling and the final interface meet, and the layer must be tamped to prevent the pipe from expanding and shrinking. Large internal stress damage.