How To Protect PPR Pipe Fitting In Winter?

- Jan 09, 2018-

When winter comes, the outdoor temperature is very low. It will increase the difficulty of heat preservation of many outdoor facilities. Some outdoor products, such as PPR pipe fittings, may be broken due to low temperature.

Cover the water pipe with a towel, then pour the water slowly over the water. Do not bake or boil with boiling water. If the water pipe still does not have water flow out, the water meter is also frozen, with hot towels on the water meter, with warm water to pour the table defrost. Indoor pipeline is frozen, can use the method that raises room temperature, if turn on air conditioning. In addition, you can add special insulation materials to outdoor or indoor plumbing.

PPR pipe fittings use scope is broad, it is popular because of its good performance, in the aspect of industrial hoses and family play an important role, has a good performance in the heat resistance and insulation.

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