In The Process Of PB Pipe Fitting, Which Should Be Paid Attention To.

- Jan 31, 2018-

We will have strict quality requirements for PB pipe fittings, but in the process of construction, some matters need to be paid attention to. Today we will follow the manufacturer carefully to understand.

When using the product, it is necessary to not use open fire, especially when the pipe is not heated. And when hot melt, try not to make pipe welding is carried out under the stress condition, weld pipes, pipe fittings can only be used once, can't reuse, and pipe fitting should be the same manufacturer, please do not mix. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to remove the power supply during operation, so as to prevent the temperature from reaching the hot melt requirement. Finally, there is a point, if it is in winter construction should adopt winter, doors and Windows closed, the site should have heating equipment.

When transporting, loading and unloading, and storing pb pipe, it cannot be thrown, thrown, or dragged. It should be handled with care, and the pipes should not be stored in the open air, so as to prevent direct sunlight and keep away from heat sources.