Is Pb Tube Suitable For Heating Pipe?

- Jan 27, 2018-

PB pipe is very high temperature resistant, its thermal insulation performance is very good, and the same compressive ability is very good, but PB pipe is suitable for heating pipe? Today we're going to do a little bit of analysis for you;

The advantage of Pb pipe is better than general plastic pipe quality, but used as floor heating pipe, Pb pipe very tall to the requirement of the construction, is must do protection measures, if there are some cracks in Pb pipe, for the future use of floor heating, would cause certain influence or leaking.

Pb pipe has a drawback, it is easy to have a crack, so at the time of installation of floor heating, the use of pb pipe is bad, and as a result of pb pipe heat preservation sex good, but the floor heating pipe requires good heat dissipation, so to say so, good pb pipe heat preservation to the improper installation of floor heating. Years earlier, some owners due to the understanding of pipes don't do, will often make pb pipe PPR pipe is used, as the floor heating pipe, so that different pipe directly after welding, in the later use of floor heating is often due to effects such as water floor heating pipes burst.

Pb pipe

The advantages and disadvantages of pb tubes are:

Advantages: very high temperature resistance, insulation performance is very good also, compressive ability is very good also, same than normal plastic pipe material, the quality of the performance, and quality level, is as the choice of the floor heating pipe

Disadvantages: easy to have crack, for the construction of high requirements, must be well protected!

Floor heating tube with heat dissipation due to good characteristics, so the pb pipe heat preservation sex good, will not apply the characteristics of the floor heating pipe performance, due to the good heat preservation, heat the water in the pipe is not a very good heat dissipation, so in the past with pb pipe for floor heating pipe, the density of its installation is very high.

At present, it is the most suitable PRT tube for heating pipe, which is the best choice for the heating pipe, whether it is cost performance or quality level. The B2B2C model structure can effectively promote and monitor the transparency of product prices. Through the online and offline two-way drainage, to achieve the resource free flow, to provide you with a good platform for floor heating selection!