It Is Necessary To Pay Attention To The Test Process Of Pb Pipe.

- Jan 31, 2018-

PB pipes is we must be one of the materials used in the water supply system, in order to ensure that the product can be used is produced, this time we need to pay attention to some matters, now it's time to look at it.

Actually we after installed, the water pressure test in the first place, should be in the hot melt pipe connection for 24 hours, and when the pipe installation is completed before the implicit seal, for water and gas pipeline. Secondly, the pressure gauge should be set at the lowest point in the test tube network. After the pipe is filled with water, the air bubbles in the system can be started.

In this way, we can use it safely after the test of pb pipe is qualified, otherwise it will be troublesome to have problems in the process of use.