PE Pipe Butt Fusion Method

- Jan 29, 2018-

To the environmental health of PE pipe butt fusion method:

1, hot melt connection before, after, clean welding machine and heating tools. The welding shows that the dirt is used, the clean cloth is used and the polyethylene residue on the heating tool can only be removed with a wooden scraper.

2, check whether the butt welder is matched with the pipe diameter and the prescribed butt welding cycle.

3, the heating time and heating temperature of the hot melt connection shall conform to the regulation of the connecting tool manufacturer, pipe and pipe production plant, and the welding temperature is usually between 200 -235 and C.

4, hot melt connection pressure and cooling time should meet the requirements of hot-melt connection tool manufacturer, pipe and pipe production plant. During the holding time and cooling time, no pressure can be applied to the connecting piece or the connecting piece.

5, to butt shall comply with the following provisions:

1) clamp the pipe and pipe fittings on the butt welding machine, and clean the socket end.

2) moving the movable fixture, the pipe connecting surface in the milling cutter to remove planing, milling, check the pipe end connection, the largest gap is not greater than 0.3mm.

3) to straighten the two corresponding parts of the butt welding machine, so that the wrong side should not be more than 10% of the wall thickness on the same axis.

4) put the heating tool between the two connection surfaces. The pipe on the butt welding machine is close to the heating tool and exerts a certain pressure, and the straight motion is melted to form the smooth and symmetrical flanging of the whole outer circumference of the pipe.

5) after the heating is finished, the connector should be quickly separated from the butt heating tool, and the uniform external force is used to make it fully contact and form a uniform flange.