PE Pipe Connection

- Nov 08, 2017-

1, before the pipeline connection, the pipe and pipe fittings and ancillary equipment should be checked according to the design requirements, and should be in the construction site appearance inspection, in line with the requirements can be used. Main inspection items include pressure grade, external surface quality, matching quality, consistency of materials, etc..

2. The special heating tools should be adopted according to different interface forms, and no open flame heating pipes and fittings shall be used.

3, the use of welding methods connected to the pipeline, it is appropriate to use the same brand of materials pipe and fittings, for similar properties must first pass the test, the qualified can be carried out.

4, pipe and pipe fittings should be placed in the construction site after a certain period of time to connect, so that the pipe and pipe temperature consistent

5, in cold climate (below --5 degrees) and strong wind conditions for connection, should take protective measures or adjust the connection process.

6, pipeline connection tubes should be clean, every day when the nozzle should be temporary plugging, prevent debris into the tube.

7, after the connection of the pipeline should be the appearance inspection, unqualified immediately rework. Is the first set of fused fittings in the pipe, and then use the parameters of welding machine according to the provisions of the (time and voltage) to the electric melting pipe is energized, the outer surface of the inner surface of the pipe and melting electric melting pipe electric heating wire embedded in the insertion end, after cooling pipes and fittings that are fused together. Its characteristic is that the connection is convenient and quick, the joint quality is good, the external factor interference is small, but the price of the electric melting pipe fittings is several times to several times of the ordinary pipe fittings (the smaller the caliber is, the bigger the difference is),