PE100 Pipe Is What Tube, Belong To HDPE Tube?

- Feb 15, 2018-

MRS value is 10MPa tube resin is called PE100 pipe.

PE100 pipe belongs to HDPE tube.


According to the density can be divided into low density polyethylene pipe habits and linear low density polyethylene (LDPE, LLDPE) tube (density of 0.900 ~ 0.930 g/cm3), medium density polyethylene (MDPE) tube (density of 0.930 ~ 0.940 g/cm3) and high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe (0.940 0.965 g/cm3 density).

Due to the constant progress of the material, according to different development stage and performance, the stratification of the material, the density can't reflect polyethylene as the essence of the pipe material performance, so it according to the international long-term hydrostatic strength (MRS) of polyethylene pipe in pipe and its raw materials are classified and named.

Long term hydrostatic strength refers to the continuous applying in the polyethylene resin tube wall of tubing damage caused in 50 when computing to tensile stress at the centre of the tube wall, the value is the foundation of the pipe structure design.

The engineering design concept of polyethylene pipe is different from that of metal tube, and the yield strength coefficient of the metal tube is widely used in the design of metal tube. And polyethylene pipe and tube is different, it is affected by stress and temperature change, therefore the design of the polyethylene pipe stress should be based on the long-term strength to decide, by drawing under constant temperature stress and the damage curve to determine the time.

According to the long-term hydrostatic strength (MRS) of polyethylene pipe, the polyethylene pipe material is divided into PE32, PE40, PE63, PE80 and PE100.