Performance Advantages Of PB Pipe.

- Apr 28, 2018-

PB tube is a kind of water supply pipeline material which is widely used in home decoration, and it has very good performance and great advantages.

1. Good resistance to low temperature and high temperature.

PB tube has a very good low and high temperature resistant effect, its applicable temperature range between 30 degrees below zero to 100 degrees, at low temperature is not easy to frost crack, after thawing, PB pipe will soon return to the same.

2. Long service life.

PB tube is a kind of inert polymer, its chemical structure is very stable, therefore, the service life of tube material is very long, generally can reach 50 years to 100 years or so.

3. Good thermal flexibility.

Compared with the metal tube, PB pipe heat better scalability, it also and the expansion coefficient of concrete is most close to, connection, with the method of integration of hot melt connection, therefore, pipeline buried after the interface is not easy to happen leakage phenomenon.

4. Lightweight material

The PB tube is light and flexible. It is only one twentieth of the weight of the galvanized copper pipe. It is very easy to handle when working at home.

5. Good wall smoothness.

The inner wall of PB tube is very smooth, so it is not easy to scale. Compared with galvanized copper tube, it can increase water flow by about 30%.

6. Good corrosion resistance.

Petabytes have good corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of ultraviolet rays and some microorganisms, so the water remaining in the tube can remain unchanged for a long time.

7. Convenient maintenance

The PB pipe is buried underground or inside the wall, and it is not easy to bond with the concrete. Therefore, it is more convenient to change or maintain it later.

8. More energy saving.

When using PB tube as the pipe for surface radiation heating, the thermal effect is better, and the energy saving is about 30%.

Pb tube specification and use.

Pb pipe have been used extensively because of its superior physical properties, long service life. Big circulation, pb pipe has entered our daily life, pb pipe has good flexible, excellent impact resistance, seismic resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance strength is better than that of metal pipe, when conveying sand and mud is four times that of steel tube life health, non-toxic, material of non-toxic, no breeding ground for bacteria, accord with national health standards, under the specified conditions of use, more than 50 years of life. The inner wall is smooth and the flow resistance is small. The loss of pipe head is more than 20% smaller than that of the steel tube.

As for the specification of pb tube, the size is divided into six series of series: S3.2, S4, S5, s6, S8 and S10. Polybutylene (PB) pipeline system according to the provisions of GB/T18991-2003, according to the conditions of use to choose among them 1, 2, 4, 5, and four level application, see table 2, each corresponding to a specific application areas and the service life of 50 years, in the actual application, also should consider to 0.4 MPa, 0.6 MPa, 0.8 MPa, 1.0 MPa pressure of different design. The main quality of pipe is the pressure capacity and thickness of pipe wall. The thickness of tubes produced by different manufacturers is different. Level of pb pipe, TD 60 ℃ use of 49 years Tmax ℃ 80 used for 1 year, range of 60 degrees hot water supply. In the medium 20oC, system pressure 16bar, medium 70oC, system pressure 10bar and medium 95oC, system pressure 6bar, all can guarantee safe and reliable operation for 50 years, safety factor 1.5.