Performance Of PPR Pipe Fitting In Three Aspects

- Jan 09, 2018-

PPR pipe fittings is a new kind of pipe material which must be preferred in the home decoration. The quality green environmental protection is welcomed by everyone, so what is its main performance?

One is the heat resistance, heat resistant properties of PPR pipe fitting is very good, can work under the environment of the high temperature of 95 ℃ or so, completely accords witah the standard of building indoor installation of hot water facilities. The second is the thermal insulation performance. The insulation performance of PPR pipe fittings is one percent of the steel pipe, which can provide a good thermal insulation effect. Three is the service life is long, PPR pipe fittings in 70 ℃ environment work pressure 1.0 MPa can use for 50 years, under the condition of normal circumstances can use until 100.

It is also due to the three characteristics of PPR pipe fitting that it is widely used now and has achieved good use effect.

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