Plastic Pipe Industry Development From Heavy Production To Heavy Quality Changes.

- Jun 01, 2018-

“We solemnly promise: to purchase qualified raw and auxiliary materials, strengthen process control, and improve factory inspection...” April 12th to 13th, the 10th second general meeting of Plastic Pipeline Professional Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association held in Taizhou, Zhejiang At the 2018 plastic pipe industry exchange meeting, Zhang Jianjun, director of the Plastic Pipeline Committee of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the China Plastics Association Plastic Pipeline Special Committee), represented the industry as a commitment to “enhance product quality and strictly uphold the bottom lines of integrity”. It means that quality is becoming the key word for the development of China's plastic pipe industry.

“Plastic pipe is one of the important sub-sectors in the plastics processing industry. At present, there are still problems such as uneven product quality and overcapacity in middle and low-end products. The development of the entire industry must be focused on making new contributions to quality development. Contribution.” Zhu Wenyu, acting chairman and secretary-general of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, said that quality and green development will become the guiding words and core words for the development of China's plastic pipe industry, and the industry should adopt a new model of high quality development.

“Under the new era, the development of the plastics pipeline industry faces new opportunities and challenges. In the development of the industry, we must give full play to our advantages, make up for deficiencies, set new goals in the new era, improve new measures, create new opportunities, and make new contributions.” Wang Zhanjie, deputy director of the China Plastics Association Plastic Pipeline Committee, said.

Quality becomes the key word in the industry

At the CCTV 3.15 party this year, a number of plastic pipe companies were specifically exposed to use "non-standard" products as "national standard" products to enter the market. There is a huge potential safety hazard. Subsequently, the Plastics Pipeline Committee of the China Plastics Association issued the "Statement on Adhering to the Quality of Plastic Pipeline Products" for the first time, and on behalf of the member units made a solemn promise in terms of quality.

At the conference, the organizers specially organized the members participating in the conference to collectively watch the relevant contents of the 3.15 party and read out the “commitment to improve product quality and strictly observe the bottom line of integrity” commitment letter, calling on every member who attended the meeting to sign the commitment letter. And at the entrance of the conference, a "signature wall" for commitments was set up.

According to reports, in order to more completely eliminate the occurrence of similar hazards to the development of the industry, improve the quality of development of the industry, according to the China Plastics Association Plastic Pipeline Special Committee to organize industrial enterprises to jointly develop the "Plastic Pipeline Industry Self-discipline Convention" and "Chinese plastic pipe industry The Code of Professional Ethics, and require member units to carry out strict self-inspection actions, resolutely resist the production and operation of dishonest behavior, strict product quality, provide quality products and services for the application field.

“The development of ‘quality’ is an inevitable trend in the future industry development. We must vigorously upgrade the quality of plastic pipe products and make the quality brand an important force to lead the development of the industry,” said Zhao Yan, secretary-general of the China Plastics Association Plastic Pipeline Committee.

Quality leads the new development of the industry

China is the largest country in the world for the production and application of plastic pipes. The industry has maintained a steady growth. In 2017, the total output of plastic pipes was approximately 15.22 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 6%.

"New ideas, new technologies, and new experiences have made past production and management models in many respects unsuitable for the current market development situation. The industry should regard continuous innovation as a driving force for sustainable development, and refine it into standardization and quality. New goals for development, high-end, diversification, intelligence, green, and internationalization,” said Wang Zhanjie.

As an important plastic pipe production base in China and a well-known mold aspiration, Huangyan District, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province is a typical example of industrial transformation and upgrade and quality improvement. “Huangyan is a famous plastic city in China. The production capacity of plastic products accounts for 40% of the domestic market. After China enters a new stage of high-quality development, we need to make new articles in terms of quality, standards, brands, etc. to seek new development.” Chen Jianxun, head of Huangyan District, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, said.

Participants agreed that in the new era of high quality development, whether the plastic pipeline industry can continue to maintain a sustained and stable high growth, how to achieve a new upgrade from "quantity" to "quality" has become a plastic pipe industry facing a new era Important issues.

Wang Zhanjie said that the plastic pipe industry must go from pursuing quantity to pursuing quality. It is important to speed up the construction of credit system, formulate quality improvement development plan, promote the spirit of worker model and spirit of craftsman, improve the standard system, and take innovation and development, green development and intelligent development. Road, to achieve international development, and promote our country from a big plastic pipe country to a plastic pipe power.