PPR Pipe, Hot Water Pipe And Cold Water Pipe, In Essence, What Is The Difference?

- Oct 24, 2017-

PPR tolerance temperature is 95 degrees, 110 degrees up to the moment, the memory of water under the condition of not less than 0 degrees, otherwise the water ice may put the pipe donglie. The tolerance pressure of the chilled water pipe is 1 or 1.6 MPa, and the tolerance pressure of the hot water pipe is 1.6 or 2 mpa;

PPR cold water pipes are generally used as tap water pipes. Hot water pipes are generally used as heating connecting pipes, and can also be used in hot water pipes of water heaters;

The cold water pipe and hot water pipe resistance pressure, cold water pipe should be small, therefore, if the cold water pipe in large working pressure (such as heating hot water pipe on the connecting pipe) is easy to cause the pipe wall rupture, but this is not absolute, some of the cold water pipes for hot water can endure, but no matter how cold water pipe do the hot water pipe is not allowed, the hot water pipe when the cold water can be;

Cold water pipes and hot water pipes because of the requirement of different wall thickness tolerance pressure so different, the price is different, the wall thickness of hot water than cold water pipe pipe, the price will be more expensive, so use hot water when cold water pipe works is not cost-effective in the economy;

The hot water pipe is marked with a red line, the cold water pipe is marked with a blue line, and also has a text logo, also has tolerance pressure identification, in addition, if the same specification of pipe thickness comparison can distinguish between hot and cold water pipe;

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