PR Plastic Tube Everyone Says That Permanent Health Has A Lot Of Harm, Even Drinking Water Is A Problem?

- Mar 04, 2018-

In terms of the main features of PPR tubes, it is non-toxic and hygienic. The raw materials of pp-r are only carbon and hydrogen, and there are no harmful and poisonous elements, which are safe and reliable, not only for cold and hot water pipes, but also for pure drinking water system.

Use after a period of time but PPR plastic pipes, pipe wall secondary pollution is serious, is the hotbed, legionella bacteria, become a new and potentially life threatening human health killer, for household water pipe.

PPR plastic pipes in 2002 started in Chinese families do water pipe, the Beijing municipal center for disease control and prevention: an undisclosed test report countless domestic PPR tap water quality of the total number of bacteria, and check out the eosinophilic lung legionella type 1, type 5, number of shocking, more than has banned the use of galvanized pipe. Tests on water quality have resulted in up to 28 bacteria and 16 metal elements, including iron, manganese, zinc, lead and mercury. PPR water pipes are a breeding ground for bacteria. Of PPR pipe industry water pipe in use after a period of time of tube wall fouling sample, test result is: a yellow rust tumor, containing coli, staphylococcus aureus, fine, bacteria and other microorganisms, a large number of iron bacteria, e. coli Mr Hill, the intestinal bacteria of the genus, inhabit bacteria, acinetobacter, aeromonas, section coli, bacillus genus as many as 31 and stench pseudomonas species at least 14 kinds of biological type, even found that resistance to chlorine microbial breeding, such as linear bacteria genera, crisp bacillus, li tube screw and chlorella, etc. The heterotrophic bacteria, escherichia coli, radionuclides and fungi are extremely high in the dirt of the inner wall. Tongji university, tsinghua university, Shanghai water purification association, international copper industry association (China), wuhan virus research institute of Chinese academy of sciences, etc.

PPR plastic pipe itself is nontoxic hygienic requirements, but not PPR plastic pipes self-cleaning function and function of killing bacteria, in this particular environment, household water contamination of water supplies, behind the process of water plant and pipe network of the old is not reasonable, make household PPR water pipe of the water quality of secondary pollutants and bacterial growth, a serious threat to human health, a part of China's urban residents in recent years the health report revealed: all kinds of disease and the proliferation of cancer associated with household drinking water, related to the error to choose pipe material.

So experts suggest:

1) replace the water pipe: the longer the PPR water pipe is used, the greater the "poison" is, or the old pipe is washed and disinfected regularly.

2) install the front filter and cabinet room water purifier in the old pipe line.

3) newly decorated domestic water pipe customers can learn from European and American countries, and the family can install plastic coated copper tube (slightly higher price) or inner copper PPR tube (moderate price). Because copper has excellent sterilization function and self-cleaning function, it is most suitable for family use.