Preparation Of PB Pipe Fitting.

- Jan 31, 2018-

Before installing PB pipe fitting, some preparations need to be made in advance so that the construction quality of PB tube can be guaranteed and the loss can be avoided.

First of all, pb pipe should be inspected for appearance and wall thickness before installation. If any problem should be changed in time. Then, the site personnel must be trained by the technical personnel of the manufacturer to be able to carry out the installation construction, which is responsible for the project. Again, when using tube shears for cutting the pipe material, can be a holding the pipe material, the other hand use pipe cutting, and must be rotating pipe cutting force when shear shear, stay tube cut into the pipe after certain depth and forcibly hinge break, fracture should level off, when found the pipe end deformation should be timely press circle, otherwise the effect of the hot melt affected.

And one more thing is, pb pipe hot melt temperature to be transferred to the best, the highest should not exceed 270 ℃. We should do the construction after we are ready, so it will be more efficient.