Ten Questions About PPR Pipe And Fittings

- Aug 16, 2017-

1.What is the full name of ppr?

A:PolyPropylene Random Copolymer.

2.What are the properties of PPR materials?

A:Good heat resistance, low temperature resistance and impact resistance of ethylene, propylene creep resistance, long service life, high strength, bending resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic.

3.What is the material of PPR pipe?

A:PPR is the random copolymer of polypropylene, namely propylene and ethylene copolymer.

4.What color is the PPR pipe?

A:PPR pipes are usually white green,and other colors can be negotiated by supply and demand parties.

5.What is the appearance of PPR pipes?

A:PPR pipes have smooth inner and outer walls. No depressions, bubbles, and other surface defects affecting properties. The tubing shall not contain visible impurities, and the end face of the pipe shall be cut flat and perpendicular to the axis.

6.How many kinds of PPR pipes do you have?

A:PPR pipe is divided into wireless strip, blue line, red line three kinds.

7.What's the blue line PPR?

A:Blue line PPR for cold water pipe.

8.What’s the red line PPR?

A:Red line ppr for hot water pipe

9.What are the advantages of the PPR pipe?

A:The PPR pipe has good stability, long service life, firm connection, no loophole.

10.What are the uses of the PPR tube?

A:The PPR pipe can be used for domestic water, purified water, hot water supply, and tubes for floor radiant heating systems.

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