The Four Major Precautions For The Installation Of The Earth Heating Pipe Are Introduced.

- Jan 20, 2018-

Nowadays, many families install floor heating to prevent the cold of winter, so what kind of material is suitable for the water pipe below ground heating? Maybe a lot of people don't know, the next small make up to introduce to everybody introduce the PB tube that suits to do ground warm water pipe, and what should notice when installing floor heating.

Characteristics of PB tube

PB tube is very good at high temperature, good heat preservation, good pressure resistance, but easy to crack. The typical PB tube is prone to longitudinal cracks. When it has a longitudinal crack, it is easy to crack in the future. It is not bad to install the heater in the condition of ensuring that it is not cracked, but I mentioned that it is resistant to high temperature and heat preservation. When the PB tube is kept warm, it is not suitable for heating.

PB pipe as the fault of the ground heating pipe.

The floor heating pipe needs to heat up, so it can't use the heat preservation PB tube, the heat preservation is good, indicating that the heat in the pipe is walking out, not meeting the requirements of floor heating. So now you can see that the density of the tube is very high when you use PB tubes for heating.

The advantage of PB tube is better than the general plastic product pipe, but this pipe has a characteristic, which is very high for construction. We must do well in the protection of the finished product. Once you have slightly scratched the outer wall of the pipe, it will leak in the future.

Sometimes owners themselves to the pipe material is not very understanding, then some, not very professional contractor will use PB pipe as PPR pipe or other pipe directly changed, so different material directly after welding, over time, because the water pressure, and so on stratification cause trouble.

It is the same sentence that must be left out of the pipe, so that it will be helpful for future maintenance, and put your own safety outside, where it can be seen.

The most suitable water pipe for heating.

At present, from the cost performance, the most suitable plumbing is the PRT tube. The most economical and practical, the cost is not very high.

Installation of floor heating installation.

The main pipe is the important equipment for conveying the water of the floor heating system. If the main pipe has problems, it will affect the operation of the whole heating system. The following points should be noted during the installation of the supervisor:

1. The supervisor shall install the position specified in the design drawings, and shall not have any errors; (if the actual installation needs to be changed, please note that the position of the supervisor's change is marked on the drawing, provided that the designer agrees to it).

2. The supervisor must keep warm;

3. The supervisor shall be installed horizontally and vertically;

4. The supervisor should use the tube card to fix firmly;

5. After the installation is completed, the supervisor shall conduct the suppression test.

Installation of floor heating water distributor.

The water collector is the heart of the earth heating system. It is used to evenly distribute and recycle the water of each geothermal branch, so as to achieve a good system circulation. The water collector should do the following when installing:

1. The installation of the water distributor shall be kept level;

2. Clean the water distributor after installation;

3. Pay attention to the connection of backwater;

4. The water distributor needs to indicate the heating area of each circuit after installation.

Floor heating installation notice three, floor heating pipe laying.

The laid of floor heating pipe in the construction of floor heating is a top priority, floor heating pipe laying good quality directly affect the floor heating system of heating effect, if improperly installed, floor heating can appear local is not hot or local overheating phenomenon, in floor heating pipe when the shop is installed, so attention should be paid according to the figure construction:

1. Consistent with the design circuit.

2. The pipe laying spacing is consistent with the design.

3. If the actual length difference between the pipe circuit is greater than 30 meters, the installation company shall be timely informed.

4. The distance between the road and the wall wall is 100 -- 150MM.

5. Resolutely eliminate the phenomenon of pipe crossing.

6. The ground parts connected to the water distributor must be insulated sleeve.

Installation of floor heating installation of floor heating backfill layer.

Backfill can also be called heat storage layer of floor heating, backfill layer of floor heating construction undeserved will not only affect the ground adornment material installation according to the floor heating system into destruction, in the backfill of floor heating is to pay attention to the construction of right:

1. Fine stone concrete protection layer is laid. Check the pressure gauge before laying. If the pressure gauge pressure is lower than 4MPA, construction is prohibited.

2. Mixing soil stirring: it is forbidden to stir the soil directly on the heating pipe. It can be planked or plastic on a heating tube. During the construction, there shall be no leakage of the surface heating coil. If the insulation strips on the wall come off, the boundary insulation strips shall be reset.

3. The ground height is about 5mm after concrete leveling.

4. When laying concrete, mark must be made in the doorway, corridor, floor drain, etc., so as to prevent improper behavior in the late construction to destroy the ground heating pipe.

Floor heating is a system engineering, construction installation is the most important. We have a professional construction process and specification in the yanwei environment, providing professional design and construction technology for the owners. Delay d environment installation engineering department has a set of standardized construction process, orientation, approach, installation, commissioning and acceptance of each control node in strict accordance with the specifications for the construction, use and auxiliary material, what brands are documented, all the install link of transparency, to ensure construction quality and the legitimate rights and interests of the owner. Standard construction technology to ensure the quality of the floor heating system, so that you can enjoy a comfortable and comfortable home life in the cold winter.