The Function Of Production Line Equipment Of PVC Pipe.

- Jan 18, 2018-

(1), mixed materials, PVC pipe is PVC safe agent, plasticizer, antioxidant and other accessories, according to the share, technology successively joined in high speed mixing machine, the material and mechanical friction heating materials up to temperature setting technology, then the cold mixing machine material reduced to 40-50 degrees; It can be added to the hopper of the extruder.

(2) some extruders: the machine is equipped with a quantitative feeding device, so that the extrusion amount can be matched with the feeding amount to ensure the smooth extrusion of finished products. Due to the characteristics of conical screw, charging period of large diameter, PVC tube on the heat transfer area of the material and the shear velocity match, is advantageous to the material plasticizing, metering section of the screw diameter is small, increase the heat transfer area and the shear rate of melt, can make the melt extrusion under low temperature. When the screw is rotated inside the cylinder, the PVC is plasticized to face the head, and then it reaches compaction, melting and mixing. And conclude the intention of exhaust and dehydration. Feeding equipment and screw drive equipment choose frequency conversion speed regulation, can end synchronous speed control.

(3) the extrusion die head is some: PVC with compacted, melting and mixing, and the following material is facing the die head with the screw rod, and the extrusion die is the closing part of the pipe forming.

(4), vacuum calibrating tank used for styling, cooling pipes, PVC pipe vacuum system for setting and cooling water tank on the vacuum system and water circulation system, stainless steel casing, circulating water spray cooling, mobile devices and control before and after vacuum calibrating mounted on the tank, concave and convex adjustment device manually.

(5) the tractor is used for successively and initiatively to extract the cooled and hardened tube from the nose, and the frequency control is changed.

(6), cut boot: according to the required length by travel switch control, stop cut open, and delay the plane, the water production, cut up a standard lights with fixed long switch as the instruction, end cutting process, in the process of cutting and pipe work in sync, cut process driven by electric and pneumatic, end cutting boot with dust collection equipment, PVC pipe will cut the clastic suck out in time, and take back.

(7), turn material feeding method by cylinder end through pneumatic control, material set a limit device, after the cut tubing equipment when sawing PVC pipes, pipe continuous conveying, after time delay, cylinder into the homework, finished material method, to discharge. After discharging, it will be reset for several seconds and wait for the next cycle.