The Industry Structure Of PPR Industry Is Mature And Promising.

- Jan 27, 2018-

PP-R tube is also known as the three-type polypropylene pipe, which is extruded into pipe material by using random copolymerization polypropylene. It is a new type of plastic pipeline product developed in Europe in the early 1990s. Pp-r is a new generation of pipeline materials by using gas phase copolymerization process to randomly and uniformly polymerize (random copolymerization) in the molecular chain of PP in the late 1980s. It has good impact resistance and long-term creep performance.

The product structure of PPR tube in China is changing rapidly, and the distribution of PPR tube in various fields is gradually close to the market situation of developed countries. Although the quality level of PPR in China is generally different from abroad, there are many problems and hidden dangers, but the gap of quality level is narrowing. The standards and norms of PPR in China have been gradually consistent with international standards (or directly quoted international standards), and the quality supervision and testing of PPR is gradually improving. Some of the products have reached the international standard, and some have been exported (partially obtained international certification).

According to the analysis report on market monitoring and investment in China's PPR water pipe industry in 2011-2015, the PPR industry structure is maturing, the domestic special materials are starting, and the industry is developing into the fast lane.

At present, most of the equipment needed in the PPR industry (including production equipment, connection laying equipment, testing equipment, and tooling and tooling) can be produced in most parts of the country. And some enterprise's product level already close to foreign advanced product. It is proved that the export of PPR line in China is increasing. At the same time, domestic PPR machinery enterprises also in the plastic pipe industry has a great development. Many businesses have seized the opportunity to thrive in just a few years.

Through the promotion of market competition, the industrialization of PPR has also started. In recent years, there have been a number of large-scale enterprises in China. There are hundreds of millions of sales of yantong, liansu, yanda, guotong, baoshuo and huanya, and the enterprise groups that produce and operate across the region are growing. Some of them are joint ventures or cooperation with international famous plastic pipe enterprises. Moreover, there are a number of big investment projects in construction or preparation.

At the same time, PPR raw material enterprises in our country used to pay attention to the production pipe materials. There are also many reasons for this: firstly, it is because the PPR industry in China has been relatively backward in the past, and has not proposed specific requirements for the special materials for pipe materials; Second, China's PPR raw materials are in short supply, and the raw material production enterprises have no interest in the production of the limited pipe materials.

With a higher level of production and quality, while foreign companies to enter China, PPR pipe products is also outside of some enterprises in our country, some products have been sold to southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the americas and Europe and other regions. Some forward-looking Chinese enterprises actively expand the international market in the face of fierce competition in domestic product market. In recent years, the export of PPR water pipe products has been increasing, and the export volume and export volume have been increasing, and the unit price and the proportion of total output are on the rise. To sum up, China's PPR pipeline industry has a very good development prospect.

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