The Performance Difference Between Seamless Steel Tube And Traditional Pipe.

- May 04, 2018-

1, supply seamless steel pipe steel pipe compared with other traditional pipe raw material is lighter, high strength, good patience, able to withstand higher internal pressure, making use of sensitive, and can be used mixed and disorderly or bad geology.

2. However, the steel pipe has a higher rate in the application process, which is mainly caused by internal and external anticorrosion. First of all, the question of anticorrosion is very crucial, and the quality of its external anticorrosive quality directly affects its service life. Nowadays, the external anti-corrosion of domestic steel pipe is mainly: the concealed method, the steel tube is requested to be reinforced or extra-strong, and some areas promote cathodic protection. About conceal type anticorrosive methods usually for coating such as oil, epoxy coal tar, the latter at low temperature is not easy to cure, and joint construction at the scene when the question more, originally used this chlorosulfonated polyethylene, because most of the solvent, the pinhole, fight wear is unqualified, parts clearly no longer apply. It is good to protect its anticorrosion, but because of the method of sacrificial anode, it is necessary to replace the anode at a regular time in the future operation, which increases operation cost and operation.

In addition to the internal wall processing, there are three methods for seamless steel pipe supply: anticorrosive paint, resin mortar, cement mortar. There are two problems in the three methods: the first is the bond strength of the anticorrosive layer and the steel pipe, and the cement mortar has been mentioned before. Both the anticorrosion coating and the resin mortar are required to completely remove rust from the inside of the steel tube to construct, but this is very difficult to achieve. As a result, the rust point part forms the source of the delamination, which forms the corrosion and scaling. The second is that most of the steel pipe is on-site welding construction, and after welding, it will be embalmed. It can only be done manually. The quality is not easy to control, and, with regard to the smaller diameter pipe, because the personnel cannot enter the construction, it is no longer antisepsis. It also formed the hidden danger of future weld damage. According to the accident analysis of several steel tubes, it is mainly caused by the corrosion of weld quality.

3. The supply of seamless steel tube is relatively high.

4. Poor hydraulic function and high energy consumption. Steel pipe roughness coefficient between 0.013 to 0.014, so the same about carrying capacity, equal diameter of pipeline, the frictional resistance is high, the demand of pump head, increasing the upfront investment, operation cost together because power consumption is large, has increased dramatically.

5. The shortcomings of the pipeline with poor bearing capacity of water hammer.