The Plastic Pipeline Industry Is Transforming With Quality.

- Mar 13, 2018-

The construction of sponge city leads the transformation of "quality".

Since the central town meeting clearly put forward to build cities, sponge as countries a series of urban construction policy, sponge sponge around the city is becoming a hot spot of the construction of the urbanization, and has carried on the pilot has been in several cities. "Greet the sponge bring the plastic pipe industry transformation of urban construction, want to have reliable quality as the foundation, for any act of neglect quality, simple to pursue interests would be short-sighted, upgrade to the" wisdom made in China "to go" China quality made 'this step."

According to the state of the printing on the sponge city construction guidance ", by sponge city construction in our country, to apply seepage, hysteresis, storage, net, with, "and other measures to minimize the city development and construction of the ecological environment influence, 70% of the rainfall on the given and use. By 2020, more than 20% of urban built-up areas will meet the target requirements. By 2030, more than 80% of urban built-up areas will meet the target requirements.

Huang Guwen said, "infiltration, hysteresis, storage, net, with," measures such as to plastic pipeline industry has brought new opportunities, all kinds of application of plastic pipe, such as water supply and drainage pipeline system, solid wall pressure pipeline system, etc.; Plastic well all kinds of function, such as initial rainwater diversion well precipitation, filtration well assembling with often, however, our country plastic (composite) pipe products quality good and bad are intermingled, low level at present such problems as excessive competition. The key to the success or failure of the construction of sponge city is the quality. With the help of sponge city construction, the whole industry should be transformed by "quality".

, Beijing architectural design and research institute deputy chief engineer Zheng Kebai said to meet in advance the sponge in the process of the urban construction around the urgent demand for related technology and products, and provide technical support to sponge urban construction, the ministry of science and technology development promotion center organized the "sponge urban construction (including black smelly water governance, urban waterlogging prevention) applicable advanced technology and product" of the preparation work, a total of 36, including collection and infiltration, storage, transfer, sewage purification, black smelly water governance, 6 class design and management technology, the quality of sponge city construction provides a clear fitness requirements.

Perfect the standard system to improve product quality.

Statistics show that in 2015, China's plastic pipeline production volume was about 13.8 million tons, with a growth rate of 6.15%. The export volume of various plastic pipes was 54.47 million tons, down by 3.94% year-on-year. Plastic pipe products overall progress in our country, many companies focus on new product research and development, constantly enrich product categories, more and more of the processing enterprise attaches great importance to the high-end product research and development, high technology content.

"In 2015, there were two levels of differentiation in the development of industry enterprises. Enterprises with large scale and good quality have accelerated their development, and have improved their capacity, production capacity and comprehensive competitiveness. Poor quality and small scale enterprises have difficulty in operation, and some small enterprises in some areas have been discontinued or transferred. China plastics processing industry association professional committee of plastic pipe secretary zhan-jie wang says, safety is the most important one of the requirements of high-end market, as the market gradually standardized, high quality plastic pipe market will gradually become the mainstream, the industry needs to actively learn advanced countries experience, speed up the healthy development of the industry related conventions, certification work, strengthen standard and supervision measures, ensure the development of plastic pipe industry.

"Standardization and standardization of products need to be improved. The construction technology standard and the construction technical standard are not perfect, which leads to the quality accident in the construction and application of plastic pipe, which restricts the development and application of the plastic pipe market. According to wang yaowen, secretary general of the department of pipeline technology of China's urban water supply and drainage association, China's plastics pipeline industry will face great development opportunities in the coming years. The industry in technological innovation and new product development at the same time, strengthen the existing traditional products in inspection technology, form a complete set of accessories, construction technical aspects such as research and development and the consummation, enables users to use secure, reliable, safe and reliable products.

Industry insiders say that it is the future development direction of China's plastics pipeline industry to perfect the standard system and build high-end brands. The whole industry should make full use of the existing conditions in terms of the performance and function improvement of plastic pipeline products, and constantly innovate and improve the speed of technological progress. Not only in technology, materials, equipment, product research and development, etc, increased investment in innovation, should also pay attention to the brand construction, using state to speed up the new urbanization construction, the construction of sponge and other opportunities, optimize the product structure, the transformation of the mode of development and improving the quality of development.

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