The Relationship Between Color And Quality Of PPR Tube

- Dec 11, 2017-

We usually see the PPR tube for white, green and grey, some people say white pipe non-toxic, gray tube toxic, some people think that grey tube is regeneration tube, do not want to use, in fact poisonous pipe does not depend on its appearance, color, and intrinsic quality depends on its. The so-called white color, green color or gray color, is the company according to the relevant provisions and the special needs of users, white, green or gray color masterbatch were added in the raw material, is produced in white, green, gray pipe, as toxic depends on the content of lead, cadmium, tin pipe inside, mercury, VCM is in accordance with the national standard, but generally the gray PPR as regeneration tube, which is not scientific, not a source of renewable materials, mixed color, appearance must be a certain number of manufacturers in order to increase the colorant, deepen the color, appearance or dress, gray or black, but not sure who is gray, black plastic pipe regeneration tube. Strictly speaking, no color does not affect the material of the PPR pipe.