The Use Of Different Pipes

- Oct 17, 2017-

1.PE water supply pipe:

Light weight, good toughness, good low temperature resistance, non-toxic, low cost, high impact strength, compressive strength and tensile strength but lower thermal welding, flange connecting thread water pipe, rain water pipe, gas pipe, industrial pipe corrosion.

2.PVC tube:

Has good tensile and compressive strength, but its flexibility is better than other plastic pipe, excellent corrosion resistance, the cheapest price in all kinds of plastic pipe, but low temperature brittle adhesive, rubber ring socket flange connection, threaded connection for residential, industrial and mining, agricultural irrigation, water supply and drainage, gas supply, exhaust pipe and wire conduit, rainwater pipes, industrial anti-corrosion pipe etc..

4.PP tube:

Good corrosion resistance, high strength, high surface hardness, good surface finish, have certain resistance to high temperature hot melt welding, flange connecting thread, sea water, oil and chemical sewage irrigation pipe, concrete floor for indoor heating system for heating pipe.

6.PB tube:

Between PE and PP dielectric strength between the flexible, between LDPE and HDPE, the characteristics of creep resistance (cold deformation), repeated around constantly, temperature resistance, chemical resistance is also very good, hot melt welding flange threaded pipe, hot and cold water pipes, gas pipes, underground pipeline high.