We Investigate The Indonesia Ppr Pipe Market And Visit Our Customers

- Dec 19, 2019-

December, 2019 , Our company shandong kangyu pipe industry co.,ltd salesmanager team  Fly to Indonesia to investigate the plumbing materials market prospect and development direction of PPR pipes and fittings, also visited customers with long-term cooperative relationship with our company,

first day ,  we visit our regular customers ppr pipe and fitting warehouse in indonesia 

ppr pipe and fitting warehouse

our customers in indonesia business in plumbing materials such as  ppr pipe and fitting for many years  , 

ppr pipe plumbing

plumbing materials ppr pipe customers in indonesia

above picturers as our sales team introduce our own brand KANGYU ppr pipe and fitting advantage for indonesia new customers 

After this visit to Indonesia, we have a new understanding of the Indonesian plumbing materials market. Through the testing of the PPR pipe and fitting samples of Kangyu brand we brought, our product quality has been affirmed by many new customers in indonesia, and they have put forward our cooperation intention. We have gained a lot. We believe that in the future, we will get more ppr pipe and fittings orders from Indonesian customers,