What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Plumbing?

- Jan 20, 2018-

Guide language: the partner that prepares a ground to warm in the home cannot leave to need to think: the ground warm should use what kind of water pipe is better? The problem is to have a good idea before installing floor heating, which is commonly used in petabytes, to see which pipes are better than petabytes.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the plumbing?

Characteristics of PB tube

PB tube is very good at high temperature, good heat preservation, good pressure resistance, but easy to crack. The typical PB tube is prone to longitudinal cracks. When it has a longitudinal crack, it is easy to crack in the future. It is not bad to install the heater in the condition of ensuring that it is not cracked, but I mentioned that it is resistant to high temperature and heat preservation. When the PB tube is kept warm, it is not suitable for heating.

PB pipe as the fault of the ground heating pipe.

The floor heating pipe needs to heat up, so it can't use the heat preservation PB tube, the heat preservation is good, indicating that the heat in the pipe is walking out, not meeting the requirements of floor heating. So now you can see that the density of the tube is very high when you use PB tubes for heating.

The advantage of PB tube is better than the general plastic product pipe, but this pipe has a characteristic, which is very high for construction. We must do well in the protection of the finished product. Once you have slightly scratched the outer wall of the pipe, it will leak in the future. Be sure to leave the connector on the outside, which is good for future maintenance, and put your own safety outside, where you can see it.

The most suitable water pipe for heating.

At present, from the cost performance, the most suitable plumbing is the PRT tube. The most economical and practical, the cost is not very high. PB tube has its characteristics and shortcomings, the PRT tube is also good, see the consumer how to treat, still have the water pipe to have true and false, need to distinguish carefully.