What Are The Advantages Of PB Pipe Fittings In Several Aspects?

- Jan 31, 2018-

PB pipe fittings are widely used in the field of hot water conveying system in buildings, and it is a kind of green building materials in the process of production, construction and use.

In the first place, pb is a kind of polymer, which has the advantages of green environmental protection. Therefore, it is not easy for pb tubes to produce scale, smooth inside surface, and will not pollute the medium that is transported. Secondly, by reason of pb in the advantage of the physical properties and thermodynamic properties, chemical properties of pb pipe fitting is steady, has the very good corrosion resistance, small coefficient of thermal conductivity, high hydrostatic strength, and good flexibility. Once again, PB pipe fittings have the characteristics of small density and light quality, easy to install and transport, and reliable and fast connection.

Besides, PB pipe fittings are light weight, good flexibility, simple construction, 1/20 of galvanized steel pipe, easy to handle, soft material, and minimum bending radius of 6D.