What Are The Characteristics Of Pb Pipe?

- Apr 22, 2018-

Pb pipe is one of the most advanced chemical materials in the world.

Light weight, good flexibility, PB pipe weight for 1/20 of the galvanized steel pipe, easy to carry, material is qualitative soft, minimum bending radius is 6 D (D: pipe diameter, durable performance is good, non-toxic harmless, for its high density, polymer molecular structure stability, service life can reach 50-100, and non-toxic harmless, does not react, uv resistance, corrosion resistance: PB pipe anti-uv and microbes, and can make the storage of the high quality water for a long time. Antifreeze heat: in the case of - 20 ℃, has good low temperature resistance, impact resistance pipe not frost crack, after thawing, tubing can bounce back, resistant to high temperature below 100 ℃.