What Are The Connection Methods Of HDPE Pipes

- May 23, 2020-

What are the connection methods of HDPE pipes

1. Butt welding connection

For butt welding, all pipe fittings with diameters from φ32 to 315mm are applicable. The performance characteristics of this connection method are: rigid connection, non-removable and tensile strength.

Butt-weld connection is one of the simplest pipe connection methods. It provides many convenient and advantageous prerequisites for the pre-installation of the entire system, and no other components are required. Therefore, whether the prefabricated installation is on site or in the workshop can be used butt welding connection.

The welding section of the butt welding is very small, the welding edge will not interfere with the pipeline, and there is no change in the internal cross section of the pipeline. The allowable thickness of the welding surface is almost the same as the thickness of the pipe wall, so the pipe is not wasted. Through the butt welding connection method, the length of the pipe and the joint of the elbow can be fully utilized.

When the pipe diameter is less than φ75mm, the manual welding method can be used; the electric welding machine is used for welding, and the pipe diameter range is generally φ40-315mm.

2. Connection method of electric welding pipe hoop connecting piece

The welding method of electric pipe couplings is suitable for connecting pipes with diameters from φ40-315mm. Its performance characteristics: rigid connection, non-disassembly, tensile strength.

The welding method of the welded pipe hoop connector is usually used for on-site welding, modification, supplementary installation and repair because it is easy to use, reliable, simple and fast. If the pipeline system needs to be modified or some early modification work is performed, the welded pipe hoop can slide up by removing the middle stop ring. The heating zone and melting zone of the electric welding pipe hoop are separated, so there is no resistance in the center of the pipe hoop, so it is very safe to use. After the welding work is completed, the resistance coil is covered with PE (polyethylene) material, so it will not be corroded. The pressure value required during welding is generated by the shrinkage of the pipe hoop when heated. During heating, the pressure is evenly distributed on the welding surface, and the shrinkage effect causes the diameter of the pipe to change within the allowable range.

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