What Are The Core Technical Characteristics Of Aluminum Alloy Liner Composite Pipe?

- Jan 20, 2018-

The outer aluminum tube of aluminum alloy liner is 6063 deformation aluminum, and the inner tube is thermoplastic PPR, pert and pb. The composite pipe of two - layer composite pipe - aluminum alloy lined with prestressed composite pipe.

Aluminum alloy lining plastic (PPR pert pb) composite tube outer aluminum tube if not treated by anodic oxidation will produce serious corrosion, therefore must fundamentally solve the problem of corrosion protection to improve the protective, decorative and practical functionality, do electrochemical processing (anodic oxidation process) of the current domestic aluminum anodic oxidation technology is the most widely used and most successful technology, anodic oxidation in the surface of aluminum alloy tube, formed a relatively dense layer of oxide film (3 oxidation 2 aluminium), the average film thickness up to more than 10 microns (cj/t321-2010 standard). The technology of oxidation membrane surface there is still a certain gap, therefore, must further through the hole sealing technology, effective repair, bridging between the oxide film gap, to achieve the desired aluminum pipe surface oxidation film layer perfect adhesion.

Aluminum alloy lining plastic (PPR pert pb) compound pipe fitting products surface treatment using after treated by anodic oxidation of aluminum and aluminum alloy tube tube surface color spray on very coordinated special polymer resin material, special polymer resin contained a certain amount of anti-oxidant, anti-aging, resistance coating on the pipe surface, after in addition to the color on the surface of the pipe and aluminum alloy tube color matching, also can give (PPR pert to pb) plastic pipe itself uv shielding effect to a certain extent, in order to delay the aging of plastic pipes makes it durable more than 50 years.

The composite pipe of aluminium alloy liner is divided into three types: aluminum alloy lining PPR tube aluminum alloy liner, aluminum alloy lining pb tube.

Aluminum alloy lining plastic (PPR pert pb), the physical prestressing technology of the two materials with different elongation (aluminum alloy tube and thermoplastic plastic pipe) by prestressed composite technology effectively combined the best, don't change the physical properties of the two kinds of material at the same time, effectively solve the plastic pipe and aluminium alloy tube of different materials in a composite application compatibility, sealing; The prestressed composite after the formation of the composite pipe, in the combination of the two kinds of material surface, through the reasonable parameters design, get the best bonding strength between the layers, make whole composite pipe in cold, thermal uniformity, the linear expansion coefficient of aluminium alloy lining plastic pipe is only about 1/5 of pure plastic tubing. In terms of rigidity and strength, aluminum alloy liner composite pipe is better than single material (aluminum tube or plastic pipe).

The PPR pert pb in 3 products of aluminum alloy liner composite pipe cannot be directly fused with each other.