What Are The Production Characteristics Of Hygienic, Non-toxic And Heat-resistant PP Pipes

- Nov 14, 2020-

What are the production characteristics of hygienic, non-toxic and heat-resistant PP pipes

PP pipe has the advantages of convenient and quick installation, economical and environmentally friendly, light weight, sanitary and non-toxic, good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, good insulation performance, and long life. There are a wide variety of pipe fittings, tees, elbows, pipe clamps, reducers, pipe plugs, pipe clamps, brackets, and hangers. PP pipes are divided into cold and hot water pipes, the cold water pipe is a green strip tube, and the hot water pipe is a red strip tube. UPVC pipes are used for drainage of PP pipes. Because of their light weight, corrosion resistance, and high strength, they are widely used in pipeline installations. Before the flexible pipe is destroyed by pressure, it can have a large deformation, while the rigid pipe cannot have a large deformation before it is destroyed by external pressure. When the rigid pipe is under external pressure, the load is completely transmitted through the pipe wall to the bottom pipe bed, and a bending moment is generated in the pipe wall, as the diameter of the pipe increases. 

The bending moment and stress of the pipe wall increase sharply, so large-diameter concrete drainage pipes often need to be reinforced, and the flexible pipe is deformed before being destroyed by compression-lateral expansion, the backfilling soil around the pipe can prevent the flexible pipe Due to deformation and external expansion, the external pressure load is transmitted and distributed to the surrounding backfill. Under the same external pressure load, the stress in the wall of the flexible pipe is relatively small, and it and the surrounding backfill can receive the load together, and the PP pipe can also reach the effect. Therefore, the PP pipe buried drainage pipe does not need to have the same strength and rigidity as the rigid concrete pipe, and can completely meet the application requirements under reasonable rigidity. PP pipes and pipe fittings can be recycled and used in the process of weighing and construction. The waste can be directly used for consumption after being cleaned and broken. Under the condition that the infiltration of recycled materials does not exceed 10% of the total raw materials, the quality will not be affected. The recyclability of raw materials, in addition to reducing consumption costs, is very important to avoid the impact of waste materials on environmental maintenance.