What Is Polyethylene Pipe?

- Sep 19, 2017-

HDPE pipe is piping constructed of a flexible plastic created with the use of petroleum byproducts. The flexibility of the pipe is one of the main advantages of polyethylene piping, as this makes it possible to install piping into spaces and configurations that would never be possible with metal pipes. While polyethylene piping tends to hold up well in low temperatures, long term exposure to UV rays and other environmental factors can weaken the integrity of the pipe over time.

The type of polyethylene used to create the pipes is somewhat different from other polyethylene-based products. Polyethylene is available in several different grades, each of them useful in different applications. Many of the polymer or plastic items people use today are made with this type of plastic. For example, polyethylene can be used to make simple plastic grocery bags, camera film, plastic sheets, and even squeeze bottles.

The degree of flexibility found in different grades of polyethylene help to determine the final use of the plastic. Low density polyethylene, known as LDPE, is among the most flexible of all grades. Within the LDPE family, linear low density polyethylene is considered the most durable and also the least expensive of plastics of this grade. High density polyethylene, known as HDPE, is more rigid in texture, but tends to be more resistant to heat. HDPE is often a good option when the polyethylene pipe will be used as part of a simple plumbing system.

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