What Is The Current Status And Development Of Domestic Water Supply Pipes

- Aug 27, 2018-

What is the current status and development of domestic water supply pipes?

At present, China's economy is developing at a high speed, various products are abundant, and people's living standards are constantly improving. However, the most basic daily water problems of human beings still plague us from time to time, especially the pipe problems that affect one of the important factors of indoor and outdoor water supply quality. On the one hand, the variety of water supply pipes is very large, and it is necessary to verify the performance of the products through trial and use, to determine the uniform use, selection and construction requirements; on the other hand, how the design technicians choose the suitable construction for the construction unit, and meet the actual economic and development of the construction unit. Horizontal water supply pipes, which require us to systematically familiarize with their characteristics and applicable requirements, and make scientific and reasonable choices. Until now, it is difficult to find a complete, systematic classification model. This article attempts to make some useful explorations in these areas.

First, the past of the water pipe

The galvanized steel pipe, which is regarded as one of the symbols of improving the building standard grade, has now been eliminated by most of the provinces (cold galvanized steel pipe); in order to save steel, the reinforced concrete pipe used in the 1950s (also divided into reinforced concrete pipes) , prestressed reinforced concrete pipe and self-stressed reinforced concrete pipe), can withstand high working pressure (0.40-1.20MPa), corrosion resistance, low price (compared with metal pipe), durable, will not reduce The water delivery capacity of the water pipe is self-important, the texture is hard and brittle, the collision is fearful, the interface is easy to leak, the bottom of the pipe trench is flat and the solid requirements are high, and the lack of accessories increases the difficulty for future maintenance. Now the dosage is gradually decreasing; The tube has good anti-corrosion and anti-seismic ability, has certain tensile and anti-bending elasticity, smooth surface and good hydraulic conditions, and has better freezing resistance than metal tube and light weight. Because the pipe bearing pressure is not high enough, the quality is brittle and easy to aging, and the price is expensive, it is only used in the indoor ******* pipeline.