What Is The Development Trend Of PE-RT Floor Heating Pipes

- Oct 24, 2020-

What is the development trend of PE-RT floor heating pipes

PE-RT floor heating pipe is a kind of special heating pipe developed from PE-RT (Polyethylene of raised temperature resistance), that is, high temperature resistant polyethylene. It is a non-crosslinked pipe that can be used for hot water Some people highlight its non-crosslinking characteristics, calling it "high temperature resistant non-crosslinked polyethylene pipe".


raw material

The raw material of this tube is PE-RT, which is a medium-density polyethylene produced by a special molecular design and synthesis process. It adopts the method of copolymerization of ethylene and octene, and obtains unique molecules by controlling the number and distribution of side chains. Structure to improve the heat resistance of PE pipes. Due to the existence of short octene chains, the macromolecules of PE can not crystallize in a single crystal, but penetrate through several crystals, forming a connection between the crystals, which retains the good flexibility of the PE tube. High thermal conductivity and inertness, while making it more pressure resistant.

PE-RT floor heating pipe development trend

The raw material of PE-RT not only has a qualified creep rupture curve, but also the price of the pipe is moderate, and the construction is more convenient and quicker than other varieties. The connection form is the most reliable form of mutual fusion and hot melt connection at this stage, and the diameter of the pipe fittings is larger than The inner diameter of the pipes of the same specification is relatively small because there is no mechanical connection for local diameter reduction in the system.

With the development of plastic technology, plastic pipes for various purposes are currently available for indoor heating systems. Because the plastic pipe has the advantages of smooth inner wall, low heat flow resistance, acid and alkali resistance, long service life, and convenient installation. In recent years, it has been widely used in floor heating systems. As a new generation of heating pipes, PE-RT is gradually becoming the mainstream product in the floor heating market.

Factors affecting pipe quality

PE-RT is a medium-density ethylene-octene copolymer with narrow molecular weight distribution and evenly distributed octene on the polymer backbone. Due to the existence of short octene chain branches, the macromolecules cannot be crystallized in a single crystal. Rather, it penetrates through several flake crystals to form a connection between the crystals, so it has excellent stress crack resistance. PE-RT pipe has few factors affecting the quality of the pipe during the extrusion process. The performance of the pipe is mainly provided by the raw material itself. Therefore, the key factor that determines the product quality is the quality of the special pipe material. At present, the only PE-RT pipe special materials tested by the world-renowned plastic pipe inspection agency Bodycote Polymer are only DOWLEX 2344E from Dow Chemical in the United States and DX800 from SK Korea. Some domestic and foreign petrochemical companies are also working on the research and development of special PE-RT materials. And certification work. Therefore, using modern analytical instruments to establish a rapid confirmation method for PE-RT chemical materials has important practical significance for monitoring the quality of PE-RT pipes in the market, preventing adulteration and counterfeit products, and solving quality litigation issues during installation and use.