What Is The Difference Between PE Pipe, PVC Pipe, PP Pipe And PB Pipe?

- Jan 20, 2018-

What is the difference between PE pipe, PVC pipe, PP pipe and PB pipe? The characteristics and main USES of several plastic pipes are compared:

1, PVC pipe

Has good tensile, compressive strength, but its flexible than other plastic pipe, corrosion resistance is good, price is the cheapest in all kinds of plastic pipes, but the low temperature brittle adhesive, socket connection, flange of synthetic thread connection

It is used for water supply, drainage, irrigation, gas supply, exhaust pipe, wire conduit, rain water pipe, industrial anti-corrosion pipe, etc.

2, CPVC pipe

Heat resistant performance is outstanding, thermal deformation temperature is 100 ℃, excellent chemical resistance of adhesive, flange threaded pipe hot water.

3, PE pipe

Light weight, good toughness and good low temperature resistance, non-toxic, cheap price, high impact strength, but the compressive strength, tensile strength is relatively low thermal welding, flange threaded connection pipes for drinking water, storm sewer, gas pipelines, industrial corrosion resistant pipe.

4, PP pipe

Good corrosion resistance, good strength, high surface hardness, surface finish, have certain high temperature resistant performance of hot-melt welding, flange threaded chemical sewage, sea water, oil, and irrigation pipe, heating pipe used for indoor concrete floor heating system.

5, ABS pipe

Good corrosion resistance, light weight, heat resistance higher than PE, PVC, but more expensive. Adhesion, flange thread connecting sanitary fittings with lower water pipes, pipes, sewage pipes, underground cable pipes, high anti-corrosion industrial pipes, etc.

6, PB pipe

Strength of interface between PE and PP, flexible between LDPE and HDPE, its outstanding characteristic is creep resistance (cold deformation), wrapped around repeatedly and continuously, heat resistance, chemical performance is also very good hot melt welding, flange threaded connection service pipe, cold and hot water pipe, gas pipe, high of buried pipelines

7, GRP pipe

Excellent corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength, good design performance, flange connection, widely used petrochemical pipeline and large diameter to drain pipe.

8, PPR pipe

PPR (pentatricopeptide repeats), also called random copolymerization polypropylene (PPR) the product has good toughness, high strength, excellent processing performance, high temperature creep resistant performance is good, and has the characteristic of random copolymerization polypropylene high transparency advantages, can be widely used in pipes, sheet, daily necessities, packaging materials, household appliances parts and production of various kinds of thin film.

PP-R is also known as polypropylene pipe and random copolymerization polypropylene, which can be extruded into pipe material by using random copolymerization polypropylene, and can also be used as pipe fitting. Polypropylene random copolymer is also a kind of polypropylene, the basic structure of its polymer chain is modified by adding different kinds of monomers. Ethylene is the most commonly used monomer, which causes changes in the physical properties of polypropylene. Compared with pp homopolymer, random copolymer improved optical properties (increased transparency and reduce turbidity fog), improve the shock resistance, increased flexibility, lower melting temperature, thus reducing the hot melt after temperature; At the same time, the chemical stability, water vapor isolation performance and organ sensory properties (low odor and taste) are basically the same as homopolymer. Used in the field of blow molding, injection molding, film and sheet extrusion processing, as food packaging materials, pharmaceutical packaging materials and daily consumer goods.