What Is The Difference Between PERT Pipe And PE-RT Pipe?

- Dec 12, 2020-

What is the difference between PERT pipe and PE-RT pipe?

PE-RT pipe, namely heat-resistant polyethylene pipe, is the abbreviation of polythene of raised temperature resistance pipe. It is a kind of non crosslinked polyethylene pipe which can be used for hot water. Some people also highlight its non crosslinking characteristics, and call it "polyethylene of raised temperature resistance" (PE-RT) Pipe) pipe is generally known as PE-RT floor heating pipe, which is commonly used in the market. It is a kind of medium density polyethylene produced by special molecular design and synthesis process. It uses ethylene and octene copolymerization method to obtain unique molecular structure by controlling the number and distribution of side chain, so as to improve the heat resistance of PE pipe.

The difference between PERT pipe and PE-RT pipe lies in the difference of raw material, production process and connection mode: 1. Raw material PERT pipe: the raw material of PERT pipe is chemical crosslinked polyethylene. PE-RT pipe: the raw material of PE-RT pipe is heat-resistant polyethylene. 2. Production process PERT pipe material: the raw material of PERT pipe is not resistant to high temperature. During production, the chemical reaction of polyethylene raw material is realized by controlling the temperature, pressure, catalyst (cross-linking agent) and reaction time (speed) by special equipment, so that the linear structure of polyethylene becomes network structure. Rt-pe is a kind of special raw material for rt-pe extrusion, which is a kind of high-temperature resistant raw material. 3. Connection mode PERT pipe: PERT pipe is connected by electric welding. PE-RT pipes: PE-RT pipes are connected by hot melt.