What Is The Difference Between PPR And CPVC Pipes? Which One Is Suited For What Application?

- Mar 21, 2018-

PPR - Presently PP-R pipes & fittings are most reliable in plumbing and water supply plants, due to their chemical features and fusion welding, which ensures the plumbing to have a perfect seal tight system. It can be used both as a cold water pipe or a hot water pipe.

CPVC - CPVC is a thermoplastic made via chlorination of the polyvinyl chloride resin. It is resistant to degradation and provides a long service lifespan. In fact, the first piping systems using CPVC occurred in 1959, and they are still working without a problem.

The major difference between the two is the temperature each can withstand. While CPVC can handle 200° Fahrenheit, PVC can only handle 140 ° Fahrenheit.

The other differences between the two are as follows:


PVC is off-white, light gray, or yellow.

Most suitable for commercial applications, hot water distribution.


· PPR is white, green and gray

· Cost-effective and environmentally friendly