What Is The Performance Advantage Of PB Pipe Fittings?

- Jan 31, 2018-

Speaking of PB pipe fittings, I believe many people know that its use has brought a lot of help to people, but what advantages does it have? Today small make up the knowledge that oneself know to introduce to everybody, specific understanding below!

Speaking of its performance, believes that many people also know that it's light weight, good flexibility, is a kind of no poison product, its molecular structure stability, service life can reach 50-100, will not happen any chemical reaction, and it has good heat resistance, frost resistance when the outside temperature - 20 ℃, it is not easily, the phenomenon of the frost crack, after thawing, tubing can bounce back, resistant to high temperature below 100 ℃.

Knowledge is the performance of the PB pipe fitting above, use it, will not appear the phenomenon of corrosion, if is to use it for a long period of time, we will find the performance, can resist ultraviolet ray and microorganisms.